The traditional GOLDBACH Geschenkartikel GmbH in the North Rhine-Westphalian Sauerland region has been in existence since 1959 and has been the address for retailers and wholesalers in Germany and abroad since its expansion in 2000 and the rebuilding of the Lindhövel headquarters in Sundern-Hachen.
Goldbach Geschenkartikel GmbH
Am Lindhövel 23
D-59846 Sundern-Hachen
+49 (0) 2935 / 96 55-0


GOLDBACH Geschenkartikel GmbH

GOLDBACH Geschenkartikel GmbH in Sundern/Sauerland has existed since 1959. Adolf Schmidlin and Richard Goldbach, the fathers of the founding couple Aenne and Herbert Goldbach, laid the foundation stone. On November 11, 1959, the company was entered in the Arnsberg commercial register in the name of Mrs. and Mr. Goldbach. The storage and also the production were carried out personally by Mr. Goldbach in his parents’ house. Ms. Goldbach did the office work from home. The company grew over the years and so an external warehouse was set up in Sundern-Westenfeld. Office and administrative work continued to be done from home, but in newly constructed offices. The external warehouse in Sundern-Westenfeld became too small for the constantly growing range, so in November 1988 the office and storage rooms were relocated to Sundern-Hachen, which is still the location of GOLDBACH Geschenkartikel GmbH today. The communication and cooperation between office and warehouse employees became more intensive and led to even faster order processing. The expansion and conversion in 2000 made our company fit for the millennium and so GOLDBACH is still the address for retailers and wholesalers in Germany and abroad. In January 2016 our senior boss Herbert Goldbach passed away and in September of the following year our senior boss Aenne Goldbach. GOLDBACH is now managed by the second generation, Eckhard Goldbach and Rainer Fischer.

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