The traditional GOLDBACH Geschenkartikel GmbH in the North Rhine-Westphalian Sauerland region has been in existence since 1959 and has been the address for retailers and wholesalers in Germany and abroad since its expansion in 2000 and the rebuilding of the Lindhövel headquarters in Sundern-Hachen.
Goldbach Geschenkartikel GmbH
Am Lindhövel 23
D-59846 Sundern-Hachen
+49 (0) 2935 / 96 55-0


GOLDBACH tradition for over 50 years

The family-owned company GOLDBACH has exists for more than 50 years. Join us on the way through our successful company history.

1959 – Business start

The GOLDBACH Geschenkartikel GmbH in Sundern / Sauerland exists since 1959. The foundation stones were Aenne and Herbert Goldbach, who not only acquired their knowledge through the independence of their fathers, but also got to know and love.

Adolf Schmidlin, the father of the company founder Aenne Goldbach, ran a hourglasses wholesale in the neighboring Märkischer Kreis, in Neuenrade.

Richard Goldbach Drechslerei

Richard Goldbach, the father of the company founder Herbert Goldbach, operated a turnery in Sundern / Sauerland.

On November 11, 1959, the previously independent companies were overwritten on Aenne and Herbert Goldbach and entered in the commercial register. The storage and at that time also the production were carried out personally by Mr. Goldbach. The resulting office work was done by Ms. Goldbach from home.

1970 – Foundation of an external warehouse

For the ever-growing assortment, the warehouse and the production of Sundern will be relocated to the district of Sundern-Westenfeld.

1988 – Relocation of headquarters

For the steadily increasing quantities and the extended assortment, the outdoor warehouse in Sundern-Westenfeld became too small and in November 1988 the office and storage rooms were moved to Sundern-Hachen in the building complex of the former companies Sägewerk Feldmann GmbH and Franz Feldmann GmbH. The communication and cooperation between office and warehouse staff became more intense and led to even faster order processing.

1995 – Takeover of the company W. Seidler Gift Shop Sales

Herbert Goldbach takes over the company – Wilfried Seidler Exquisite Designer Gifts – from the owner Rolf Klein and moves its branch from Ulm-Jungingen (Donau) to Sundern / Sauerland.

2000 – Extension and conversion

The extension and modernization of the location in the year 2000 made the GOLDBACH Geschenkartikel GmbH millennium-capable and so today the Lindhövel in Sundern-Hachen is the address for retailers and wholesalers in Germany and abroad.

2001 – Handover of the management

The management is transferred by Aenne and Herbert Goldbach to Eckhard Goldbach and Rainer Fischer.