The traditional GOLDBACH Geschenkartikel GmbH in the North Rhine-Westphalian Sauerland region has been in existence since 1959 and has been the address for retailers and wholesalers in Germany and abroad since its expansion in 2000 and the rebuilding of the Lindhövel headquarters in Sundern-Hachen.
Goldbach Geschenkartikel GmbH
Am Lindhövel 23
D-59846 Sundern-Hachen
+49 (0) 2935 / 96 55-0 info@goldbach-geschenkartikel.de

Dream Like Christmas

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Xmas deco in pastel colors

In the cold season, the nature withdraws and we begin to decorate our living area. Discover the magical pages of our pastel-colored gift items and decorate this trend color for your customers as an eye-catcher. Let your customers decide which color combination appeals to them more.